About Us

Riding a horse conveys a sense of freedom. I teach that power cannot be attained by force, but rather that is given to him who is willing to accept responsibility in a respectful manner.

We teach the horse and rider to communicate effectively with each other. Time with your horse should be an enjoyable, safe experience for both of you. I have been around horses for about 40 years. I started out with a pony (Dusty) who was dearly loved and still often remembered. I had the great fortune of being raised in part by my grandfather, Clem Messerli. He was born in 1896 and farmed with horses for many years. He had me utilizing what I would call integrated horsemanship: to think like a horse and to deal with them in a way that makes sense to the horse.

I train full time both horse and rider.  I do not consider this an occupation, but an occu “passion.” I take great satisfaction in seeing a human and their horse develop a relationship based upon mutual trust, communication and leadership.

I do not try to get you to think as a trainer …but as a horse. If I can get you to see why your horse does what he does, you will be able to solve most any issues that arise. I liken it to being able to FIX your own car rather than taking it to the mechanic.

Whatever you ride, whatever your discipline, whatever your age, your relationships and communication can always be improved and tuned. I try to get horse and rider tuned into each other using methods a horse understands. No gimmicks…treats…horse whisperer mystique. Just common sense “herd mentality” horsemanship.