My Perspective

I do not teach a method. I try to convey a mentality to get you to realize…equine is a language. A culture. A society. To be with a horse, whether riding or from the ground, is a dance….with meaning. The dance is a language.

Bear in mind, success does not always come easy. It can be something we taste of every day IF…we are willing to put forth the effort. Put boots in the dirt before they go in the stirrups. Listen to the horse and create the common dialogue.

Becoming fluent in a foreign language takes much practice. When one begins to understand the language, then one can begin to understand the culture.  Mistakes and misunderstandings are part of the process. We must allow the mistakes to teach us as well.

It is in the doing that we learn…not the hearing nor seeing. So take what you can from this resource and DO!

Bob Smith, Horseman