Natural Elements Horsemanship

Practical Ground Communication/Colt Starting Clinics:

We work on engaging and interacting with our equine in a way that makes sense to them, through the process of developing our leadership with our equine partner.  We also utilize the opportunity to build confidence and trust in both horse and human by means of exposure to sound, motion and some challenges with an assessment course.  The ground communication is THE foundation whether the horse/mule is a yearling or adult.  Any horse I train goes through this to be sure there are as few holes or surprises as possible.

Integrated Riding Clinics -1:

Prerequisite is Practical Ground Communication Clinic. We transfer the ground cues and feel to the seat in a way that makes sense to the horse and allows them to learn.  We also use this process to work on the confidence issues of both horse and human by exposure to sound, motion and an assessment course.

Integrated Riding Clinics -2:

Prerequisite is Integrated Riding-1. We work on refining cues and developing “feel” and softness between horse and rider. We begin asking for more advanced communication with our horse.

Boot Camps:

Boot Camp combines elements of Practical Ground Communication, Integrated Riding 1 & 2. We also work on practical application of communication on the trails at Volga River Recreation Area.  Boot Camp is a four day clinic.  Horse board, lunch and supper are provided. Lodging accommodations consist of camping at the park or hotel/motel in close proximity.  Participants are responsible for tending to their horses.

Training Philosophy:

I believe horses (animals) are more than a collection of impulses and instincts. I believe I am dealing with a self-aware, intelligent being, worthy of respect; to be gained as a companion rather than dominated; to be shown leadership rather than brutality.  My promise to every horse or mule I work with: I will not lie to you, cheat you nor intentionally hurt you. I will do nothing to compromise you physically, mentally nor emotionally. I will not handle you in such a way that I cause problems down the road.

Boot Camps and Clinics are offered seasonally throughout the year, rain or shine.

Contact information: Bob Smith 870-368-0045 or 319-240-8886